Oregon's Agricultural Regions

Oregon has 7 distinct agricultural regions: (include ag in the classroom map on this page… still need to get from AITC)

Willamette Valley
The most diverse region with specialty crops that include include vegetables, berries, hazelnuts, hops and nursery products.

Southern Oregon
Tree fruits, potatoes and livestock dominate southern Oregon’s agricultural industry.

Oregon Coast
Fisheries and dairy farms are abundant in the coastal region.

The Columbia Basin
Noted for its large dryland wheat farms.

Hood River and Wasco counties
Famous for cherries, apples and pears. Surrounding counties in northeastern Oregon produce a number of irrigated field crops in addition to wheat and livestock.

Malheur County, Eastern Oregon
Produces seed crops, onions, potatoes, sugar beets and other specialty crops. Excellent growing conditions and cooperative efforts with Idaho enhance the area’s production and processing abilities.

Harney and Lake Counties, SE Oregon
Livestock and hay production dominate

Jefferson County and Central Oregon areas
Grows a wide range of crops, including vegetable seeds, mint and grains. Livestock and hay are also predominant commodities.