Oregon Wheat Industry

Wheat foods are a valuable part of our daily diets. Wheat provides a source of dietary fiber and much needed carbohydrates. The next time you are in the bread aisle or the bakery think of the 1000′s of wheat producers in Oregon and throughout the US who have worked hard to bring us our daily grains.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture and Health and Human Service’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans stress the need for six to 11 servings of grain products (breads, cereals, rice and pasta) each day.

There are six classes of wheat, including hard red wheat, which is most commonly known as ‘bread wheat’ and durum, which is popular for pasta. Oregon wheat producers raise primarily soft white wheat, which makes the best pastries, cakes, pretzels, cookies and the Asian noodles we know as ramen.

Since more than 85% of Oregon-grown wheat is exported, it is no surprise that wheat is the #1 product exported through the Port of Portland.  Oregon’s wheat is enjoyed internationally in the form of pastries, flat breads (Middle East), and steam breads and noodles (Asia).

Visit the ‘consumers’ section of the Oregon Wheat website at www.owgl.org to learn the history of Oregon Wheat, fun activities for kids, recipes and more!