Oregon Facts & Figures

There are more than 250 diverse products grown and processed in Oregon ranging from wheat to salmon. Only California has a higher number of commodities in the United States.

Oregon’s top agricultural products include: milk, nursery stock, hops, cattle and calves, berries, pears, potatoes, eggs, onions, peppermint, wine grapes, cherries, hay and sweet corn.

There are more than 38,500 farms in Oregon, a number that is down about four percent from the previous census five years ago. Still, Oregon products are sought all over the world due to their superior quality.

The agriculture industry contributes more than $8 billion to our state’s economy each year.

Oregon is the number one U.S. producer of: blackberries, hazelnuts, peppermint, cranberries, rhubarb, grass seed, florist azaleas and Christmas trees.

One in twelve Oregonians are employed in agriculture.

Some 80% of Oregon’s agricultural products are sent out of the state with about half that amount exported to foreign countries.

To learn more, visit: http://www.oregon.gov/ODA/shared/Documents/Publications/Administration/ORAgFactsFigures.pdf