Oregon Albacore Fishery

The Albacore harvested by Oregon fishermen are younger fish (three to five years old) between 10 and 30 pounds and are higher in Omega-3 fish oils than the large, lean, older Albacore caught mostly by foreign longline fishermen in the central Pacific. Because these fish are young, mercury accumulation is not a concern. As a result they taste better and are more healthful. Some fishermen sell Albacore fresh on the dock. In local custom-canning operations, fresh Albacore are placed raw in the can and then cooked in their own juices, retaining the healthful fish oils and taste. Industrial canneries precook the fish before canning, losing some taste and fish oils in the process.

Environmental seafood guides produced by Audubon and the Monterey Bay Aquarium have cited the Albacore troll fishery as an example of a clean fishery with little bycatch or impact on the environment. Albacore are very sensitive to water temperature, and few other fish off Oregon are found in those water temperatures, so the bycatch is low.