Adopt a Farmer

Our Adopt a Farmer program is designed to connect middle school students with farmers to learn where their food and fiber come from by better understanding how agriculture works through field trips and classroom visits. By pairing a middle school classroom with a farm or ranch for the entire academic year, students can build a relationship with their adopted farmer. The program is no cost to the school with bus transportation, substitute teachers and classroom materials being completely covered. At least one field trip to the farm is taken, typically in the Fall, for the students where they will see, hear, touch, smell and get a taste of what life is like on the farm. In addition to the field trip, the farmer visits the classroom 2-3 times throughout the rest of the school year to engage students in the science behind farming, while sharing his or her story of Oregon agriculture.

In the classroom our farmers work with teachers to make sure activities tie-in to current curriculum. Our farmers have done activities related to soil, water, conservation, irrigation, genetics, farm-to-table continuum and economics. Teachers have their adopted farmer as a resource for students the entire school year to understand that science, math and technology is used every day in agriculture, which is such an integral part of the state of Oregon.

This academic year (2014-2015) our Adopt a Farmer program will reach more than 3,500 middle school students from Portland to Eugene. With more than 30 classrooms and farmers connected around the state, more students are engaging in agriculture through this program than ever before. This year, we are excited to have expanded into southern and central Oregon!

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For more information on how your farm or classroom can participate in Adopt a Farmer, please contact Mallory Phelan, Director of Community Outreach, at 503-595-9121 x106 or email at