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Shelly Boshart Davis

SJB Farms – I am Oregon Agriculture

My dad Stan Boshart, my grandfather Merrill Boshart, and I. This was the summer of 2013, and my grandpa’s last combine ride. He passed away April of 2014.

I am Oregon agriculture.

My name is Shelly Boshart Davis. I run my family’s businesses with my parents, Stan and Lori Boshart. We proudly represent Boshart Trucking, BOSSCO Trading LLC, PressCo and SJB Farms. Our family has been planted in Oregon since the early 1950’s. We have cultivated our beginnings into a thriving internationally-driven straw business. From farming to exporting, we do it all.

Trucking – We haul, haul, haul. Our own and others. Our trucking company has been established for over 30 years. The foundation of our existence.

Farming – We farm. That’s right.

Preparing for the baling season one beautiful Oregon morning!

Many varieties of grass seed ending up in California, parts of the East Coast and China. Wheat – Oregon’s wheat is enjoyed internationally in the form of pastries and flat breads (Middle East), and steam breads and noodles (Asia). Trying radish this year to be used in the Midwest for cover crops. Lastly, a few dozen acres of hazelnuts were planted just this year. Excited about the future and love the willingness and desire of this farm wanting to try new ideas!

Baling – This happens fast and furious during the middle of the summer months. To say my siblings and I didn’t have summers off during school is an understatement. Work was there, we just did it. All of my cousins and siblings have worked on the family farm in some capacity over the years. How cool is that?!?! Only a few more years before my kids start on the farm and they get their *opportunity.* Wow time flies.

My three daughters checking the fields with me one evening.

Exporting – This is my wheelhouse. I take what we harvest during summer and make it disappear. We have long-standing international relationships with our straw customers. We embrace the cultural diversity and work closely with them to supply their forage needs for their dairy and beef farms. Keeping up with global trends, exchange rates, supply and demand. Never a dull moment when shipping the Oregon straw commodity market overseas!

More than anything, we love promoting our local community. Whether it’s by paying our local tractor dealership with US dollars that just got converted from Japanese yen, or supporting our local 4H fair and United Way, or teaching the next generation about hard work – we are proud to be deeply rooted in the great world of agriculture.



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