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Wilco – I am Oregon Agriculture

In front of the Wilco Agronomy Center outside of Mt. Angel.

I am Oregon agriculture.

Established when five agricultural cooperatives joined together in 1967, Wilco supplies Oregon agriculture. After decades of growth, the farmer-owned cooperative proudly serves farms and rural customers as the largest agricultural supply cooperative in the Pacific Northwest. Wilco’s Agronomy Centers build close relationships with large, full-time farmers and growers. Their agronomists and seven commercial agronomy locations provide services and solutions for hazelnuts, blueberries, grass seed, wheat, vineyards, broccoli, and over 200 crops. Through nutrient stewardship practices, their teams help growers maximize results year-after-year.

The McMinnville Farm Store in McMinnville, Oregon. One of Wilco’s 15 retail farm stores in Oregon and Washington.

Wilco also has 15 retail farm stores in Oregon and Washington to support the livestock production side of agriculture; or to help those who enjoy hobby farming or gardening. From backyards to barnyards, Wilco farm stores cover it all. The stores supply vegetables and plants in a full garden center, can outfit you with the toughest work wear, help you fix it with convenience hardware and treat your pets and animals right with pet and livestock feed, animal care supplies, and full-service dog and cat grooming salons.

FFA winners from Wilco’s gift card art contest. This was one piece of the FFA Forever campaign where Wilco has raised over $100,000 each year for Oregon and Washington FFA. Wilco is a leading sponsor of the Oregon FFA Foundation through their FFA Forever program.

It’s no coincidence that Wilco’s agricultural roots also support a strong set of core values that include community. Wilco is a leading sponsor of the Oregon FFA Foundation through their FFA Forever program. This and countless other sponsorships and donations support agricultural youth throughout the state and region. Wilco employees can be found serving on many agricultural-based boards, volunteering in events, or farming themselves. Wilco’s 22 locations and nearly 600 employees service Oregon agriculture; and many live it as well. Wilco is all about agriculture.


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