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Diane Kunkel

Columbia Farms – I am Oregon Agriculture

Dave and myself (Diane) with fresh picked strawberries in front of our farm.

I am Oregon agriculture.

My name is Diane Kunkel and together with my husband, Dave, we own Columbia Farms, Inc. on Sauvie Island in Portland, Oregon. We have two daughters, Megan and Heidi, as well as a dog, Tug.

Combine at harvest time.

Since the early 90’s, our family-operated farm has produced wheat, grass seed, clover seed, silage corn, various berries, pumpkins, and squash. The long hours and harvest season allow us to provide quality crops for a variety of consumers. Our crops are sold in local markets as well as shipped around the world to various processors. Visitors can also purchase fresh produce from our own market located on the farm during the harvest season or enjoy the farm themselves in our u-pick berry patch every summer.

Pumpkin patch in front of our old barn on the farm.

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