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Bernadette Hammelman

Hammelman Farms – I am Oregon Agriculture

Left to right (front row): Bernadette Hammelman and Brian Hammelman. Back row: Dan Hammelman.

I am Oregon agriculture.

My name is Bernadette Hammelman. My husband Dan, son Brian and some dedicated employees operate both Hammelman Farms Inc. and Hammelmans Dried Floral LLC. We are first and second generation farmers growing specialty grass seed, specialty crop seeds, wheat, processed vegetables, hazelnut trees and flowers. My husband, a lifelong farmer and I (not a lifelong farmer) started our farm together in 1986. He was involved in an operation with his brother and a local farmer before that. Our son (another lifelong farmer) joined us full time, after college and other work experiences.

Combining Oregon fescue during harvest at Hammelman Farms.

The farm produces grass seed, which is used for landscaping, golf courses and export. Other specialty seeds are used in a variety of ways, to name a few; propagation of crop and sprouting. The type of wheat we grow is a soft white wheat, which is a pasta type. This is sold on the open market and can be sold both domestically and export. Our vegetables are sold to NORPAC Foods for processing, both wholesale and retail sales. Hazelnut production is our newest expansion with trees just beginning to produce nuts. These will be sold through a co-op to domestic companies creating products such as butters, candy and nuts in shell or shelled for eating. They will also be sold for export.

We restored this old 1927 Chevy truck years ago and its a perfect fit for our operation. The back of the truck is filled with some of our dried products. Larkspur is growing in the background and new rows of larkspur are planted in front.

We expanded into flower production in 1989, creating our own market for quality dried flowers. Later adding a few varieties of fresh cut products as well.Our flower company is a joint effort with the farm; which handles the planting and cultivation of over 50+ varieties of flowers, both perennial and annual. We process them here and market these directly from our farm through our website, social media (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) and most importantly word of mouth! We continually expand both our variety and our market, shipping domestically and worldwide to such countries as Malaysia, Spain, Pakistan, Japan and Dubai, to name a few. The uses for our flowers continues to surprise me, from home use to movie sets and store window dressings. You may have seen our product and never suspect it is an Oregon-grown product.

Our family is proud to be good stewards of our resources and suppliers of quality products for so many uses.



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