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Jesse Rue

Victor Point Farms – I am Oregon Agriculture

My dad Joel (left) and me (right).

I am Oregon agriculture.

My name is Jesse Rue and I am a fourth generation farmer. My family owns and operates Victor Point Farms in Silverton, Oregon. In 1910 my great grandfather moved to Oregon and specialized in growing logan berries, hops, hogs, and cattle. Later on my grandfather came back to the farm after serving in WWII and raised livestock grain and grass seed. In 1976 when my grandfather retired, my dad took over the farm and was raising peas, oats, wheat, sugar beats, brassicas but predominantly grass seed.

Harvesting grass seed at our farm in Silverton.

Since then, our farm has evolved into specializing in the production of over 2,000 acres of grass seed. By contracting with seed companies up and down the Valley, our seed is used to grow grass in golf courses, parks and lawns all over the United States and different parts of the world.

Victor Point Farms is a family-run farm consisting of myself, my dad, Joel, and my younger brother Lucas. Our youngest brother Benjamin helps out on the farm in the summers along with some other seasonal help.

Mowing ryegrass stubble after harvest of the seed.

We take pride in the fact that we grow a sustainable crop such as grass seed in the hills of Silverton. With our rocky soils, we are able to minimize erosion by raising cool season perennial grasses. In addition to stabilizing the soil, our grass seed crops stay green for over 10 months out of the year. This means they are constantly photosynthesizing and producing oxygen for us to breathe. Taking care of the land is top priority for us here at Victor Point Farms, and we are proud to do that and be part of Oregon agriculture.

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