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Margaret Magruder

Magruder Farms – I am Oregon Agriculture

Me and my grandson David Johnson. Behind us is a shipment of Oregon Shepherd PermaLoft® ready to be shipped.

I am Oregon agriculture.

My name is Margaret Magruder of Magruder Farms. My family began farming in Oregon in 1904 after my grandfather, Richard Brooke Magruder, came from Sandy Spring, Maryland and found the productive soils along the Columbia River near Clatskanie, Oregon. Over the years we have produced many different crops including oats and peppermint along with cattle and sheep. Today I raise sheep for meat and wool. Our lamb is processed commercially and found in grocery stores with the label American Lamb. We use the wool to manufacture Oregon Shepherd PermaLoft® loose fill building insulation, a 100% natural sheep wool insulation. Visit us at

Sheep grazing at Magruder Farms. Our lamb is processed commercially under the label American Lamb. Wool from our sheep, and from sheep all over the U.S., is used to produce Oregon Shepherd 100% natural sheep wool insulation products.

Oregon Shepherd has two products: PermaLoft® Natural Wool Blown-In Insulation is ideal for horizontal spaces such as attics or under flooring. PermaBatt® Natural Insulation is ideal for walls and other framing for remodel/retrofit projects.

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