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Jeanne Carver

Imperial Stock Ranch – I am Oregon Agriculture

My husband Dan and I on our Oregon ranch, Imperial Stock Ranch.

We are Oregon agriculture.

My name is Jeanne Carver, and my husband Dan and I, own and operate the Imperial Stock Ranch in north central Oregon near the ghost town of Shaniko. Our family ranch has been raising sheep and cattle, and producing grains and hay for more than 142 years. We have been recognized and awarded, both regionally and nationally, for our stewardship practices. Our focus has always been on the land first. Honoring and tending the interconnected relationships of soil, water, grasses, sunlight and grazing animals, allows us to provide food, clothing and shelter to Oregonians and folks around the country. All our animals graze freely on native range lands in a rotational system; and our farming has been exclusively “no till” for more than 17 years, reducing erosion and decreasing all inputs. We believe in living and working in balance with nature.

Faced with extreme market challenges, due to the loss of U.S. processing and manufacturing facilities for wool in the late 1990’s, we began a creative approach to selling our fiber harvests.

Blaine Carver gathers the sheep and trails them in for shearing.

Since 1999, the Imperial Stock Ranch has been processing its wool to yarns, and selling them both wholesale and retail.

We also market Imperial Stock Ranch all natural lamb and beef direct to restaurants in Portland, Bend and the Columbia Gorge. Our customers are part of the family and value working back to the source, directly with the rancher, and we’re glad they do. The headquarters of the Imperial Stock Ranch are a National Historic District. Tours and workshops are available by appointment only.

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