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Amy Doerfler Phelan

Doerfler Farms – I am Oregon Agriculture

From left to right: Kent Doerfler, Amy Doerfler Phelan and Kevin Doerfler.

I am Oregon agriculture.

My name is Amy Doerfler Phelan and I farm with my twin brothers Kent and Kevin Doerfler. On our farm, we grow grass seed, wheat, and radish seed. The wheat is made into noodles over in Asia, and the radish seed is used as a cover crop in the Midwest. Additionally, we sell the grass seed straw as feed for livestock.

One of our cats, Tiger, files himself.

The majority of the straw is exported to Japan and Korea, but several thousand tons are kept here in the valley to feed horses and cattle right close to home.  It would be easier to sell the straw to one export buyer, but we take pride in knowing that we are helping local ranchers feed their animals. Speaking of animals, we have three office cats that keep us highly entertained.

We just celebrated the end of harvest with a pizza party for all of our seasonal employees, which are mainly local high school and college students.  Although our products are mostly shipped out of state and around the world, we have a huge impact on the local community through the employees we hire and the vendors we get our supplies from.

Our hillside combine crew at Doerfler Farms, made up of of local high school and college students.


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