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Greg Satrum

Willamette Egg Farms – I am Oregon Agriculture

Third-generation egg farmer Greg Satrum in a Willamette Egg Farms hen house.

I am Oregon agriculture.

My name is Greg Satrum, and I am a third-generation egg farmer. My family’s farm, Willamette Egg Farms, produces one million eggs per day from our Canby, Oregon location. We strive to provide the Pacific Northwest with the finest, freshest-quality, local eggs while caring for our animals, environment, community and employees. We’re proud to offer a variety of eggs and egg products, including cage-free, organic, omega 3 and conventional. Our eggs go from the hen house to your local store or restaurant as fresh as possible, typically within 24-72 hours.

We believe that healthy and well cared for hens lay the best eggs, and have spent the past several years helping define new standards for hen care, including supporting the passage of Oregon Senate Bill 805, which allows more hens more space and an environment to express natural behaviors, such as perching, nesting and scratching. This fall, Willamette Egg Farms will be the first farm in the Northwest to begin building enriched colony hen housing systems. Look for our farm-fresh eggs at a variety of Northwest grocery retailers and restaurants                                                          in Oregon, Washington and Northern California.

Brown hens roam the farm’s cage-free facilities.

Cage-free, organic, omega 3 and conventional eggs awaiting cold transport to Pacific Northwest retailers and restaurants.


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