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Cook Family Farms – I am Oregon Agriculture

Gary and I farm at Cook Family Farms with our son Matthew (not pictured). Cook Family Farms is a fourth-generation farm.

We are Oregon agriculture.

Our granddaughter Laura shows off a fully-grown broccoli field. All of our vegetable crops are grown for NORPAC and are certified sustainable by the Oregon Food Alliance.

Our names are Gary and Cindy Cook and our family owns and operates Cook Family Farms, a fourth-generation farm in the Willamette Valley outside Albany. We grow hazelnuts, peppermint, grass seed and a variety of vegetables for processing and seed on 1,000 acres. Cook Family Farms is part of the farmer-owned co-op NORPAC, and our peas, green beans, broccoli, sweet corn and cauliflower go to them for processing.

Onions are grown for seed and are harvested in the summer. We grow them for a company in California.

We also grow a variety of specialty vegetable seeds for various companies. Radish, butternut squash, parsley, onion and cucumber seeds are grown for a California company that ships them oversees, and sugar beet seeds are grown for a separate U.S. company. All of Cook Family Farms’ vegetable crops are certified sustainable by the Oregon Food Alliance. Our goal is to run a farm with sustainable practices and provide quality products with as little impact to the environment as possible. We love our land and are blessed with plentiful water and rich soil here in Oregon.


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