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Jeanne Carver

Following the Sheep in the Morning

Dear Friends,

There are many challenges to life for all of us.  I read somewhere once that life is a battle; and that as soon as you accept that, it gets easier.  Hmmm…   In agriculture, we have our share for sure.  But maybe the thing that keeps us going is the pure fact that you get up each day and go outside.  To open your eyes to nature each day is simply inspiring.  For days I’ve been wanting to get outside early in the morning with my camera because the light is so beautiful. Instead I just hustle outside to start chores and get on with the day, always wishing for the camera. But this morning was different. As soon as my feet hit the floor, I walked out to the living room and looked up Hinton Creek like I usually do, and there were the sheep coming off Nechtar Butte in this long line as if they were on a mission. They were strung out for at least a mile and moving as if they had a destination in mind. The leaders were headed for who knows where, and the rest were just following along!  I stepped outside to watch them, and you could hear the ewes calling their lambs and the lambs answering. I love that sound, sort of like the “ Symphony for the Sheep ” that the visiting school kids sang, only this was the “Symphony of the Sheep.” It was wonderful, and there was that beautiful morning light. So I jumped into my boots, grabbed the camera and headed out the door in my nightgown, riding the 4-wheeler up to where I could get some photos. The sound and beauty of them moving across the landscape always gives me such joy. Maybe I can share a little of it with you in this photo.

Warm Regards,


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